17 February 2011

My creative space - Amigurumi hearts

Wow!! it's been a long time since I've been able to have any space to myself, let alone creative space!!

Actually, I tell a lie, I have been able to snatch a few moments here and there to make my grandmother a few hearts. I promised myself when I went to Chile last year to say goodbye to my auntie (who was very skilled at crochet), that I would learn how to crochet, and now, thanks to Youtube, I have.

When I was there in September, I gave my grandmother a sewn heart, that she sleeps with and prays with. It reminds her of her daughter. But it has seen so much attention that it needs a replacement, and after a few attempts at creating the perfect one, I finally feel confident in sending her this one.

I hope she likes it.

On another creative note, seeing as this in my first free day since last year, I am hoping to have a stab at making this short sleeve blouse....

These crafty people might get you inspired to make something today as well


  1. The hearts are beautiful - I'm sure your grandmother will love them very much.

  2. Fab, I LOVE the hearts! I can see why holding one wouold bring great comfort :-)
    jan x

  3. Wow, that's fantastic to hear you are giving crochet a go. Perfect hearts.
    Your grandmother will love them. xxxxx

  4. I found some little hearts like these on someone's blog just yesterday! :) And the pattern. They are so lush - I can't wait to make one! You're grandmomther is very blessed!
    Whoa! Love that shirt!!! Where is the pattern from? (Send details via my blog if you get a chance please :) )

  5. such a lovely thought - and lovely hearts.


so creative!