10 January 2011

Teeny pigs and other rodents

My children have been asking for a pet for a few months.

My dear son would like to have a snake or lizard (NOT cudldy or sweet!)

My daughter would like to have a fairy (a bit hard to get these days)

I would like to have a cat -  but I'm not the one looking for a pet.

So, for Christmas, we (me) chose to purchase and love some guinea pigs - renamed teeny pigs by the children because they're small. We have Flames (all black and short hair and the scaredy cat of the group) Franklin  Mott (black and brown with long hair, named after my favourite vampire) and Biscuit (white, black and brown)

 So these teeny pigs have a double storey hutch and also a large yard. We joke that they are planning to install a pool and deck chairs next, along with their gazebo.

Apart from a few scary moments, the children have become used to the teeny pigs, and they in turn have become used to us. One of them - Biscuits - is the leader and calls out to me and complains if there is not enough food that he is happy with, while the other two try to not get caught by us. Their favourite food is carrot by far!

One thing I had not thought of, and now makes me rethink the whole guinea pig thing, is that we have another pet coming in on a regular basis and eating during the day.... meet little mouse...

He thinks that he is part of our little family. He is very careful, and very quick, but still is quite happy to pose for a shot or two, and has a penchant for corn.... or anything else...

 I think I should have got a cat instead....

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